Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snapshots: 4.02-4.08

Oh you better believe it.  Peanuts. Scallions.  What else could it be?...
 but Graham and his sister wives...
 making pad thai!!  MM!!
Um don't ask.  

Okay really, take a million guesses, get back to me in 19 years, and you won't guess that it's...a...banana??  Oh you think it looks like a nasty piece of sausage?  And you wouldn't have guessed that it was dessert, even if it WAS wrapped in a banana leaf?  Well try eating it.  It was actually really good.  And very banana-like, despite it's freaky appearance. 

Tuesday & Wednesday

I...did...things?  Usually there is just always SOMETHING I end up taking a picture of during the day, but apparently this was not the case on Tues & Wed.  I Skyped with Kat and had a fun & delicious salmon dinner over at Maygan & Kyle's.  But nothing to show for it.


We start our Catacombs tour on Friday, so had to check out the competition. Took a Catacombs tour with our rival skip-the-line company.  There he is, standing with his little white sign across the way. And then as always, the astronomical line that is always wrapped around the block.  In case you're wondering, they've got nothing on us.  Our tour will be way better.

Off to Versailles for the day to forge a new partnership with a different bakery for our new skip-the-line Versailles tour.  The bakery we're using now is not cutting it.  As it turns out this bakery offered me a MUCH better price, they were very friendly, and they gave me a complementary box of macrons to take with me!  Extra points already for the new bakery!!

Friday night started out with the intention of being a chill night at home making green curry.  As I'm cooking, Jillian calls and tells me we're going to Candelaria, where Rick's wife works.  Change of plans!  Here one of our newest guides, Carl, rocks out appropriately to some old school Green Day.

Rick expresses extreme anger over the lack of Rick-related content on my blog.  There were accusations, screaming, Jillian got on board, as you can see.  As a result, I now have plans for a full post entirely dedicated to Rick.  It will be the first in a series featuring Paris friends.  Because you should know bout my Paris peeps!  ESPECIALLY RICK ALARCON.

Janonais!! Saturday night, I met up with Maygan and Kyle on Rue St. Anne, just north of the Louvre, which is known for its many Japanese restaurants. There are always lines out the door at these places, and it's always been a goal of mine to spend more time here and find the best spots.  Well here's where it starts, Sapporo.    

Incidentally, Maygan and I were texting a few hours before about where to go for dinner, and I suggested Japanese on Rue St. Anne, and she responded, "Oh, Jananese sounds great!" So we proceeded to greet each other by bowing and declaring "Janonais!" in a Japanese accent.  It has continued since.

Ooooookay.  The Janonese don't play when it comes to beer.  We decided to order Japanese beers, thinking we were getting a normal bottle of beer, and then BOOM, here's your wine-bottle sized bottle of beer and your 40.  This is not an optical illusion.  The bottle and beer can were twice the size of our heads.

Oh the deliciousness.  I can hardly stand it.  We decided we must come to this neighborhood often. Very often.
Afterwards, we decided to stroll past the Garnier Opera House to this bar called Footsie which is apparently a play on words for the London Stock Exchange (FTSE). It's in the financial/stock market area between the Opera House & Place Vendome, and they change the price of their drinks according to the demand of what's being bought.  Three flat screens display the prices that change ever 4 minutes.  It's a fun idea until you're up next to get your 3.20€ glass of wine and some jerks cut in front of you, the TV changes, and suddenly your wine is now 4.50€.  That happened.  I'm bitter.

But the interior of this place is beautiful.  It doesn't even look French.  I don't even know how to describe it, you have to come visit.  But check out these great huge old timey windows behind us.  And the detail on the ceiling in the picture before this one.  I'm sure it was THE spot for stock brokers to hang out back in the day, and it's beautiful and unique and it smells of leather and rich mahogany.

Easter Sunday!!!! Before church, I went to Rue Cler (my previous beautiful home address, if you will remember. How I miss it.) to purchase Easter chocolates!! There are 3 or 4 great chocolate shops in this area, and I was nervous that they'd all be closed since EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday.  But they were open "exceptionally" for Easter.  I went to three different shops and procured some chocolatey goodness.

Then after church, I went to Maygan & Kyle's to make boeuf bourgigon with them in their beautiful new copper pot!!  Happy Easter!!

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